What Makes Fruit For Thought Mango Different?

It’s good to be cheeky.

When it comes to Fruit for Thought’s premium quality dried mangoes, that is.


It’s one of those things you probably wouldn’t even notice until it was pointed out – and then you’ll always see it. Take a look inside a package of our dried mangoes. You’ll see large slices, not little odds-and-ends. Those are the mango cheeks – the part most people dig into first when slicing open a fresh mango.

In selecting mangoes for drying, texture is as important as taste. We choose only those varieties that combine intense mango flavor with a softer, lower fibrous texture – no strings in your teeth! Our choices are Kent, Keitt, and Ataulfo.

Mangoes are kind of like apples (also in season now!), in that each has its own flavor profile on the tart/sweet scale. Like apples, some people like their mangoes with a tart balance; others prefer a hit of pure sweetness when that first bite touches the tongue. The Kent is sweet with some tang, Keitt mangoes offer a nice 50-50 balance of sweet to tart, and the Ataulfo, or Manila mango, is milder and sweet.

What makes Fruit for Thought’s dried mangoes so special? In addition to getting the best meat of the mango, we are proud that our dried mangoes are just that: mango. Nothing else. No added sugar (they’re already super sweet flavor bombs – why mess with perfection?). We don’t add any preservatives, colors, or anything else that wasn’t there the day the mango was picked, perfectly ripe, from the tree. And when we dry them, we go low and slow: low temperature over a longer time to preserve valuable enzymes and other nutrients. Maintaining a lower temperature during the drying process preserves much more of the nutrients in a fresh mango – like beta carotene, vitamin C, and folate.

Here’s what else we’d like you to know: we get our mangoes from the places where mangoes grow best: Mexico and Peru. We source them from farmers who practice the utmost integrity in their growing practices. They don’t over-farm and they won’t use harsh chemicals that are dangerous to workers and to the land.

And we offer a choice of conventional and certified organic premium mangoes. Our organic dried mangoes are certified organic by CCOF, which means no synthetic pesticides, synthetic fungicides, or synthetic fertilizers.

And because they are nothing but mango, they are naturally gluten-free, vegan, and free of most allergens. They are also Paleo-friendly and kosher.

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