What Makes Fruit for Thought Dried Pineapple Different?

Think of our Fruit for Thought premium quality dried pineapple as a snackable tropical vacation. When you tear open a bag, the first thing you’ll notice is the sweet and bright aroma. Identical to fresh pineapple. The second thing you’ll notice is the color. Rich, golden-yellow rings. Third, texture. While some dried fruit can be hard, Fruit for Thought dried pineapple is soft and juicy. The fourth? The taste! Undeniably sweet with a hint of tang and an intense pineapple flavor.

We get our pineapple from the place where pineapple grows best, Costa Rica. Although when most people think of pineapple, they think of Hawaii, Costa Rica is the second largest producer of pineapple in the world! With ideal growing conditions, Golden pineapple harvesting happens every day of the year in Costa Rica. Pineapple ripens from the bottom up and we select the ripest, juiciest parts to use for our dried pineapple. You’re getting consistent, sweetened sunshine in every bag.

Like us, the farm where we source our pineapple is a family company. Not only do they produce some of the best tasting pineapples, they are committed to being socially and environmentally responsible too. They have Global G.A.P (Good Agricultural Practices), SGS (Sustainably Grown), and Rainforest Alliance certifications. They have multiple social responsibility programs that include student scholarships, food donations, and medical programs that help to support employees and their local community too.

What makes Fruit for Thought dried pineapple so special? We’re proud to say our dried pineapple is just that: pineapple. Nothing else. No added sugar (they’re already super sweet flavor bombs – why mess with perfection?). We never add any preservatives, colors, or anything fake. If it wasn’t there when the pineapple was picked, it won’t be there when you pop a slice in your mouth.

And because they’re nothing but pineapple, they are naturally gluten-free, vegan, and free of most allergens. They are also Paleo-friendly and kosher.

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