The History and Family Behind Fruit For Thought

Carmelo, John, and Paul Sigona

Introducing the Sigona Family and our Premium Dried Fruit Snacks and Mixes

At Fruit For Thought, we take our fruit seriously! We’re a family-owned business with deep roots in produce. The company goes way back to 1978, when brothers John, Carmelo and Paul Sigona started a roadside fruit stand! Over the years, the Sigona brothers have worked closely with growers and developed expert knowledge in produce - both fresh and dried! We’re excited to share the very best with you.

At Fruit For Thought, we are driven by a belief that joy can come from delicious foods that nature provides. We believe in empowering you with the pure goodness that comes from nature, which is why you’ll find only the most premium fruit in our dried fruit snacks. 

Fruit For Thought dried fruit snacks and mixes are as close to nature as possible. Our fruit is gently dried to maintain its nutrients, with no added sugar, no preservatives, or anything fake. The deliciousness is inspired by quality. We source only the best so you can enjoy every bite.

We’re all about making healthy snacking easier. We get it. You have things to achieve – work, school, travel, fitness, and everyday life. That’s why Fruit For Thought snacks keep you fueled while you’re on-the-go so you can #SnackAnywhere!

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