Why Parents Love Fruit For Thought

Fruit For Thoughts dried fruit and nuts are beloved by even the pickiest eaters. Here are the top three reasons parents love Fruit For Thought snacks for their family. 

  • Snacking Made Easy 
  • Fruit For Thought snacks come in single-serve snack packs perfect for stashing away in backpacks, cars, lunch boxes, or purses. Dried fruit has the same nutritional benefits as a real piece of fruit but with lower water content, which greatly increases its shelf life. It can be stored for several months without losing quality or taste! Our dried fruit is the perfect healthy snack for kids when hunger strikes or as a good recess time snack. Just grab a snack pack, wash your hands, and enjoy delicious, healthy dried fruit and nuts!

  • Wholesome
  • It’s hard to find snacks that kids enjoy and taste delicious but aren't packed with artificial flavors or added sugar. That’s where Fruit For Thought comes in. Our trail mixes and dried fruit have no added sugar, preservatives, or anything fake. Many of our dried fruit and nut products are a single ingredient - just the fruit or nut with nothing added. They're natural, unsweetened, 100% gluten-free, vegan, and paleo friendly. It’s premium quality fruit and nuts brought to you in simple snacking form! They’re high quality and wholesome snacks that parents can trust.

  • The taste! 
  • Our dried fruit is picked at their peak and gently dried low and slow to maintain nutrients. This results in exceptional taste and a softer, chewier product than others in the market. You’re never going to try better dried mango. Want to know why? We prefer to use the Kent variety of mangoes because of their deliciously sweet flavor and near fiberless flesh, which make them the perfect dried mango!

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