Healthy Halloween Treats with Dried Fruit

Halloween doesn't have to be all about sugar and artificial additives. You can still enjoy delicious and nutritious treats, even with dried fruit. We're going to explore a selection of healthy Halloween treats that incorporate the natural sweetness and chewy texture of dried fruit for a wholesome and ghoulishly good time.


1. Mummy Mix:

Prepare a mix of dried fruit, such as apples, cherries, and raisins, and pair them with unsalted nuts and a few dark chocolate chips to make a healthy "mummy mix" that's both sweet and savory.

2. Banana Ghosts:

Peel and slice bananas, and use raisins or dried cherries to create spooky ghost faces on the banana slices. These banana ghosts are simple, nutritious, and fun to make.

3. Monster Eyeballs:

Stuff pitted dates with whole almonds or pistachios to make "eyeballs." You can use yogurt-covered raisins or white chocolate chips for the iris and pupil. These date eyeballs are packed with fiber and healthy fats.

4. Fruity Halloween Kabobs:

Thread a combination of dried fruit, like peaches, pineapple, and mango, onto skewers. You can add fresh fruit for a spooky touch. These kabobs are visually appealing and naturally sweet.

5. Scary Skeletons:

Lay dried apple rings flat and use thin strips of dried mango for the bones. These skeleton treats are easy to assemble and provide a unique way to enjoy dried fruit.

6. Frankenstein's Monster:

Cut dried apples into the shape of Frankenstein's head and use small pieces of dried cherries for the eyes and mouth. These spooky monsters will be a hit with the kids.

7. Pumpkin Fruit Snacks:

Lay dried persimmon on a plate (pumpkin shapes), add a small piece of pistachio or dried cherry for the stem, and voilà—mini pumpkin fruit snacks that are sure to delight.


These healthy Halloween treats with dried fruit offer a fresh and fruity alternative to the usual sugary fare. They are not only delicious but also creative and visually appealing, making them perfect for Halloween parties or family gatherings. Have fun whipping up these nutritious and spooky delights this Halloween! 

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