Healthy Back To School Snacking

The school year is here, which means it’s time to stock up on school supplies, synchronize schedules, and start brainstorming snack ideas for your kids, their friends, and classmates. It can be tough finding snacks to fuel your kids that aren’t loaded with sugar, but still something even the pickiest eaters will enjoy. Here’s a list of our top tips for kid-friendly snacking this school year.

A Guide to School-Friendly Snacks for Kids: 

Individual Portions: Packing snacks that are already portioned out into single servings is convenient, simple, and something kids often love. It’s quick and easy for a kids’ lunch break! Fruit For Thought has you covered with our single-serve snack packs of our snacks, which can save you time when packing lunch boxes.

Avoid a Mess: Your childrens’ teacher will thank you if you avoid packing sticky, greasy, or crumbly snacks. Make sure to pack extra napkins and think about how much of a mess the kids will make (especially the youngsters)!

Think Fresh: Swap out the processed cookies, crackers, and chips and start thinking fresh. Have your kids try different fruits and veggies until you find the ones they love! Aiming for in-season produce will ensure the best tasting, highest quality fruit and veggies, and provide a variety of options to rotate through, like grapes, apples, pears, peaches, plums, and cuties.

Dried Fruit, Trail Mixes and Nuts: Dried fruit is tasty and a great alternative to a sugary snack at any age. They’re also less perishable, so they’re easier to pack and take on-the-go. If your kids need a hardier snack, consider nuts or trail mixes. Just check with the school or your children’s teachers about any known nut allergies with any of the students before packing trail mixes and nuts. Many schools have nut free or nut aware policies.

Fruit For Thought provides high-quality healthy snacks that kids and adults of any age will love. Our single-serve snack packs offer a simple, convenient way to pack snacks to-go. Check out our wide range of dried fruit, nuts and trail mix options!

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