Fueling for a Workout

Want to push yourself to the next level in your workouts? Next time you’re ready to hit the gym, grab some Fruit For Thought dried fruit or nuts! A pre-workout snack is critical to have the energy needed to work out and make gains in the weight room.

Remember that the ideal time to have a snack before hitting the gym is 30 minutes to an hour. Having dried fruit before a workout is a power move because it contains “good carbs” that are easily digestible! According to an article from Active, nutrition before a workout will allow you to top off your muscle glycogen stores and contribute directly to fueling to your muscles. We love to keep Dried Mango snack packs in our gym bags because they’re a great quick snack on the way to the gym. 

Another great option is eating a handful of nuts that are packed with protein. The protein contained in nuts helps your muscles recover after physical exercise and the carbohydrates provide your muscular system with glycogen... AKA energy! So grab a bag of Fruit For Thought Power Mix which is PACKED with all-natural dried fruit and nuts with no added sugar, preservatives or anything fake. Enjoy this 120 calorie snack on a hike or as a pre and post-workout fuel.

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