Don’t Get Hangry This Holiday Travel Season

Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, the weeks speed by with little time to think. Holiday parties are in full swing and every weekend is busy. It’s easy to start gravitating towards convenience food to give you a little more time back in your day. Stocking up on Fruit For Thought dried fruit is a fantastic option for many different reasons; dried natural fruit is convenient, healthy, little mess, and a quick snack! 

Road Trips

You either love or hate road trips! Packing smart for long drives is essential to making the trip run smoothly. Whether you’re driving by yourself or with your family, it can be difficult to satisfy the hunger that hits during the drive. Someone always get hungry at the worst time. Having a healthy snack like our Power Mix or Organic Dried Mango will help when hunger strikes. 

Craving something sweet on long drives? Rest stops mean heading to the candy section for a quick jolt of energy. Instead of buying sugaring candy, travel with Fruit For Thought bags for a great sweet treat that’s healthy for the body! It’s the type of refuel we need! 

PSA: When driving with kids who crave junk food, handing them a bag of dried fruit is a game changer! 


Flying during the holidays is rough; the lines are longer, people are overloaded, and everyone’s trying to get to their next destination as quickly as possible. You could get lucky and the security line is a breeze, but planning for the worst possibility is highly recommended during this time of year!

A happy traveler is one who can take out a healthy snack when the mid-flight hunger hits. Whether it’s an hour-long flight or long international flight, having something good to snack on will improve the experience! But come prepared and buy snacks before heading to the airport. Yes, airports are getting better in terms of offering “healthy” options, however prices have increased from salads to kombucha. 

You never know what food options will be offered on your flight, at your destination, or on your return trip. Not only are snacks good for your airport experience, they’re fantastic for your vacation adventures. Knowing you have something to eat that's good for you and tastes great will keep the stress away when hunger hits! Our Fruit For Thought dried fruits are the perfect fuel. 


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